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Cookery Demonstration – Windlesham 20 May 2014

Cookery Demonstration

Ukip Don’t Share Cranleigh’s Values

Cranleigh Labour Party

photo RW My name is Richard Wilson and I was recently selected to be Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the constituency of Guildford which includes Cranleigh. I am a 42-year old airline Captain and I have lived in Surrey for 14 years. In 2015 I will be asking voters here to trust me with their votes to be their next MP. It is a great honour for me to represent Cranleigh albeit only as a candidate at this stage.

1743520_10151948116012411_838760583_nAs the largest village in England, Cranleigh has the advantages and disadvantages of both villages and towns. The roads cannot cope with the current traffic levels, never mind projected future car traffic. House prices are unaffordable for young families. Household bills like electricity, gas, rent and child care are rocketing but wages can’t keep up. Our environment is under threat from unsustainable development and now dangerous fracking for gas. Like everywhere in England, the…

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Europe’s far right and why voting on 22 May matters

Fascism, racism and anti-Semitism are growing all across Europe. In French local elections recently the National Front made huge gains. In Greece the Golden Dawn draws support from inside police stations and not just from the occupants of the cells. Geert Wilders in the Netherlands “says what everyone is thinking” according to one of his supporters I spoke to. The True Finns, now known as The Finns Party, got 19% of the vote in 2011. Far right parties in Latvia and Poland are members of the same grouping in the European Parliament as the British Conservatives since David Cameron took his MEPs out of the more moderate EPP grouping. Some of these MEPs hold an annual commemoration of the Latvian Waffen SS of the Second World War.

Here in the UK, Ukip and Conservatives are pushing the same buttons, whipping up anti-foreigner sentiment, blaming economic austerity on immigrants and the vulnerable. Since 1945, Europe has been largely at peace because we have cooperated with each other. Increasingly now nationalism and xenophobia are returning.

On 22 May, the UK will elect its Members of the European Parliament by proportional representation. Every Labour vote will count, wherever it is cast. Now is the time to stand up against the rising fascism and racism. In a few years time it will be too late. I’ll be pulling out all the stops for this election. The general election is just over one year away. Next month’s election will be the most significant electoral event here this year. It is absolutely vital that all Labour supporters do everything they can over the next 5 and a bit weeks to ensure we elect as many Labour MEPs as possible to counter racism from the UK and the other 27 members of the EU.

Join me (and ‘like’ this) on the campaign trail and let’s make sure we leave it all on the field!

Be part of the Guildford Labour election campaign!

Be part of the Guildford Labour election campaign!

Reaction to Budget 2014

Here is the letter I wrote to the Surrey Advertiser to give Labour’s response to George Osborne’s budget:

2014-03-29 18.28.27 (2)

Dear Editor,

The Chancellor, George Osborne, did nothing to address falling living standards in Guildford in his budget last week. Average families have been worse off year-on-year since the Conservative-LibDem Government came to power in 2010 and are now £1,600 per year worse off.

The economic recovery has finally arrived, after three wasted years, but it is a recovery for the few, not the many. Wages are not keeping up with household costs like gas bills and child care. Young people are struggling to find quality jobs.

Osborne could have frozen gas and electricity bills. He could have announced a Youth Jobs Guarantee where all young people out of work for a year would be given a compulsory, real, paying job. He could have provided 25 hours of free child care per week for all 3 and 4-year olds with working parents. He didn’t do any of those things because the cost of living crisis is not his priority.

Labour understands that for most people the recovery is not being felt at all. We would get young people into jobs, ease the pressure on families and cut rates for small businesses. This would be paid for by reversing the millionaires’ tax cut, taxing bankers’ bonuses and restricting tax relief on pension contributions for those earning over £150,000 per year.

In Guildford, we need an economy which works for working people. In his budget, George Osborne missed another opportunity to help ordinary families. The Conservative-LibDem Coalition will not tackle the cost of living crisis because they always stand up for the wrong people: bankers, millionaires and the big energy companies. If elected next year, I will be an MP for Guildford who stands up for the many, not the few.

Best regards,

Richard Wilson

Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Guildford

9B Martyr Road

Guildford GU1 4LF

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